Find a group

You would like to sing Barbershop with a chorus or a quartet ? The easiest way to start if you are a beginner is to join a chorus. Then after a while you may be tempted to form or join a quartet…

If you live in the Paris region:

FrABS has created a chorus that rehearses (since 25 September 2016) every other Sunday 17H00 – 19H00, and every other Sunday except for Easter Sunday the 16th of April which will be replaced with the 23rd of April. The next rehersals will be taking place according to the planning below. You can also synchronize the events and rehearsals of the chorus with this ical file. The chorus rehearses at 35 rue Saint-Roch, salle Marcel Pagnol. Metro Pyramides. Please join us anytime you can !


Next events and rehearsals of the chorus  & indications to venue

Nothing from 24 June 2021 to 23 September 2021.




If you don’t live in the Paris region:

We will put you in touch with the Barbershoppers closest to you that we know of. Send us your contact information and what you are looking for and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Send an email to: