FRABS est en route vers le WHC !

Ce Samedi 14 Novembre marque un jour très particulier pour notre association. De très nombreux pays nous ont écrit ces dernières heures pour témoigner de leur soutien et de leurs pensées en ces jours sombres. Le World Harmony Council a notamment tenu à nous communiquer une nouvelle de taille que nous souhaitons maintenant partager avec vous en l’état, puisqu’elle s’adresse à chacun d’entre nous. Que le chaleureux accueil du WHC pour notre association nous redonne le sourire, et que les nombreuses harmonies à venir, en France ou ailleurs, nous aide à aller de l’avant. Keep singing!

Hello FrABS membership!

The members of the WHC have been discussing your application for membership of the World Harmony Council.

It´s not really my call to send this note to you, it should be from our President Mike Donnelly. However I feel a personal urge to share this on this specific day.

We can easily say that our mission and aim in the WHC; to promote and support barbershop around the world as our primary goal, fits right in with what you describe you have a need for. It has made it easy to make the decision to accept you into the body of the World Harmony Council. The first step in this process will be as naming FrABS « Prospective Members », until we will have our annual Board Meeting at International in Nashville in July 2016, when we can take the next step.

We are very glad to be able to welcome you into the global family of barbershop singers, and we have anxiously been waiting for someone to pick up the torch in France to form an official body of barbershop there.

We believe in you, we see a couple of visionary and ambitious people who already have come far from your start just earlier this year. We are happy to be mentoring you as you take your steps futher to become full members of the WHC and a force to be reckoned with in our community.

In conclusion, I have to mention the importance to share this message with you today. The world is a dark place at times, and reality is sometimes hard to deal with. The artform of barbershop is supposed to be an uplifting and enjoyable experience, so on a day like today, the day after the terrible, horrendous happenings in Paris, we feel it even more important to show our support and belief in the future, together.

We are all deeply saddened by the news we hear from Paris, and we all would like to send our sincere condolences to all Parisians, all French people and beyond to all manhood, who sometimes can do the most despicable things to one another.

With these short lines we want to say; Bonjour, FrABS, and welcome to the wonderful world of International barbershop. We will mark November 14, 2016 as a day of importance, acceptance and brotherhood in our barbershop calendars, to weigh against the heaviness that the world experienced that same day. We hope we can remember this day not only with heavy hearts, but also with positive thoughts welcoming France into the barbershop community!

For the WHC

Henrik Rosenberg
Vice President

Logo WHC

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