Barbershop in France ? … You’ve got to be kidding !!  Singing chez le coiffeur ?

Seriously, there is a now a  Barbershop community in France, small but growing. In Paris we meet every other week as a chorus and a quartet sings frequently in the Metro. We have other quartets and singers in Brittany, Lille, Nantes, Alès, …

Our goal is to grow the organization (FrABS, the French Association of Barbershop Singers), promote Barbershop singing and organize events – to learn more about us click here.

To learn more about Barbershop singing (what it is and how to do it) click here (not translated yet)

To join FrABS click here 

For information on our bi-weekly chorus practice in Paris click here.

To contact us with questions etc. or to make suggestions about our (under construction) website e-mail us at contact@frabs.fr.