Barbershop in France ? … You’ve got to be kidding !!  Singing chez le coiffeur ?

Seriously, there is a now a  Barbershop community in France, small but growing. In Paris, some quartets frequently sing in the Metro. We have other quartets and singers in Brittany, Lille, Nantes, Alès, …

Our goal is to grow the organization (FrABS, the French Association of Barbershop Singers), promote Barbershop singing and organize events – to learn more about us, click here.

To learn more about Barbershop singing (what it is and how to do it) click here (not translated yet)

For information on our bi-weekly chorus practice in Paris click here.

To contact us with questions etc. or to make suggestions about our (under construction) website e-mail us at contact@frabs.fr.